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Hidden: A Group Art Show in Harlem

What You Don't Know

I’m happy to share that 3 of my monotypes will be included in HIDDEN - A GROUP ART SHOW - January 25th, 2019 at the National Black Theatre: 6-10:30 pm. Maybe I’ll see you there! 

Hidden will be a mixed media art exhibition of things we tend to hide, from our darkest secrets and biggest insecurities, to those thrown away by society, to those things that have become taboo within our culture and communities - think mental illness, alternative lifestyles, etc. What does Hidden mean to you? Each artist explores the theme and takes us to places deeply familiar.

Curated by Tierra Jada and Art Tillman, this is the second installation of our pop-up art show. We will be joined by 15+ amazing local artists who are making names for themselves on the NYC art scene.

-Come out and enjoy an evening of Love. Peace. Art.”

TJ x Art

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