Toyobo Photopolymer Plate Etching

clown triptych etching with monoprint
Clown Triptych
Clown Triptych black and wite
Clown Triptych Black and white

I created and proofed my first Toyobo Photopolymer plate on Tuesday.  Rather than start with the larger ‘Falling Angel’ image, I painted a series of small ink paintings on duralar for wet media.  I was able to be very loose and relaxed with the paint on the duralar, and choose the images that worked best to make into plates.  The images are based on drawings from my sketchbook.

After exposing the plate to an aquatint screen, I exposed 3 paintings side by side on one plate, then washed out and hardened the plate.  While my intention had been to cut the plate into 3, I kept them together to proof.

I was happily surprised by the level of detail and the range of grays that showed up, including light washes, ink splatters, and brush strokes within shapes.  Next I worked on inking variations, and mono print layering. I like the images next to one another, so for now I will leave them connected.

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