Back at Zea Mays

I am thrilled to be back at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, Massachusetts!  I have a full month of workshops and studio time planned.  I begin with ‘Pronto’ or polyester plate lithography with monoprint,  in a private session with Nancy Diessner.  We discussed these 2  versions of the image ‘Falling Angel’, and the trouble I was having working with litho crayon and china marker on the pronto plate.  Unlike an image transferred by laser print or drawn with sharpie, the crayon washed off the plate rather quickly in the process of printing.  So since I preferred the crayon mark I had to keep re-drawing the image.

Falling Angel St 2 Litho with monoprint
Falling Angel 2
Falling Angel State1
Falling Angel 1 pronto plate litho with monoprint


Nancy suggested creating a photopolymer etching plate of the basic image, in order to make more stable prints of the ‘drawing’ and allow for focus on variations in inking and monoprint processes.  She uses TOYOBO PRINTIGHT PLATES, rather than the SOLAR PLATES that I have used in the past.

We had a quick tutorial in how to make this kind of plate in the clean and safe darkroom she helped create at Zea Mays.  We created and proofed a couple of tests drawn with china marker and litho crayon directly onto Duralar, as well as and one painted with india ink onto Duralar. ToyoboTestStrips

These test strips were exposed onto the plate for varying lengths of time.  When I printed the test strip plates I was very happy to see that the grays and textures of the brush strokes and crayon marks were on there.

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